Szeged – Places of Worship

Votive Church of Szeged

This twin-spired church is located on Dom Square next to the Domotor tower. It’s original construction began in 1913 but was only completed in 1930 due to World War I. The church is the fourth largest in Hungary with each tower reaching a height of 91 metres. The church itself is made mostly of brick and includes many frescos, with the most famous being “Our Lady of Hungary” located behind the main altar.

Church of St. Nicholas

An Orthodox Church, it is known locally as the Serbian Orthodox Church. The church was completed in 1781 and includes an ornate iconostasis designed in rococo style. A variety of paintings dot the church walls, including an illustration of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as a dove and a fresco on the ceiling depicting the creation of the world by Slovak artist Jan Hodina.