Szeged – Parks & Gardens

Botanical Garden – University of Szeged

This botanical garden contains 24 acres of space and includes 1,200 square meters of greenhouses. With 5,000 unique species of pants and flora, the garden is a great location for long walks. In addition to the specimen onsite, the garden also contains a rock garden, butterfly house, arboretum, pond, and children’s play area.

Szeged Verto Nemzeti Emlekhely

Also referred to as the Great Forest of Debrecen, this park contains a wide range of plant species as well as animals including large trees over 120 years old. The forest was declared a park in the 18th century and is nearly 11 square kilometres in size. The park includes an array of features including a frog lake, playground, spa, boating lake, stadium, sports centre and botanic garden. It is home to 800 species of plant life and a variety of animals.